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The Mission

The mission of the Japan-America Society of New Hampshire is to:
a. Establish an institution to promote education and arts and sciences between the peoples of New Hampshire , the US and Japan.

b. Promote the prosperity and understanding between the cities of Japan and New Hampshire, including but not limited to the sister city relationship between the Japanese city of Nichinan and Portsmouth.


c. Bring together the peoples of Japan and New Hampshire (i.e. foster tourism) to facilitate goodwill, understanding and cooperation between public and private institutions through cultural, academic and business resources in New Hampshire and Japan.


d. Foster cultural, social and educational interchanges between New Hampshire and Japan.


e. Sponsor educational, social and cultural programs and events offering an understanding of cultural and social similarities and differences between Japan and the United States


The Portsmouth Peace Treaty Centennial in 2005 incorporated all of these objectives in a program of events that specifically draws visitors to venues in and around Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Since then JASNH has supported efforts to create Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day statewide, to plant Portsmouth Peace Treaty Living Memorial Cherry Trees around the state, presents Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forums and maintains the Portsmouth Peace Treaty website and resource materials for researchers around the globe.

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